Original mods

remember when kirupa first opened? who were the mods? i forget… it was kirupa, me, dan, thor, david…and who else? lol

I can’t think of any others… though my mind is usually a frazzle so I’m not a good one to ask.

I think it was it when I arrived at Kirupa. That was almost a year ago, I think. Somewhere around december.

Oh, and there was Dan also. And was Eyez a moderator too?

I wasn’t!
Am I now?
If so, I was never told I got super powers…
What about the one and only SUPRABEENER ?
And what the hell happened to thoriphes, anyone knows?

why you asking?

Just yesterday, i was thinking it’d be interesting to work out a few stats on this new forum here:
-how many post all together since we moved,
-how many average a day,
-most faq,

Thoriphes quit the web world! He must have gotten mad when I cheated on him with edwin :-\ lol