Orthodontist Question

Ok everyone, I have this moderately to extensively painful problem. If anyone has braces you may know what I am talking about. I have braces and the wire at the end of the braces is currently stuck in my gums. Not only is this extremely painful, but it also REALLY hurts. I can’t eat without like bleeding and stuff. I did it this morning and it’s really startin to piss me off.
So heres my dilema.
I can’t go to the orthodontist because my mom is in Idaho until Sunday and I have no way of gettin there because I was lazy and didn’t get my lisence when I should have. So I’m screwed there.

So should I either…
A: Suck it up and rip it out with my hands/pliers and bleed for a couple hours.
B: Suffer for like 5 days and probably get an infection and wait for my mom to get back.

p.s. I feel that this is not spam because it really effin hurts.