Orthodontist Question

Ok everyone, I have this moderately to extensively painful problem. If anyone has braces you may know what I am talking about. I have braces and the wire at the end of the braces is currently stuck in my gums. Not only is this extremely painful, but it also REALLY hurts. I can’t eat without like bleeding and stuff. I did it this morning and it’s really startin to piss me off.
So heres my dilema.
I can’t go to the orthodontist because my mom is in Idaho until Sunday and I have no way of gettin there because I was lazy and didn’t get my lisence when I should have. So I’m screwed there.

So should I either…
A: Suck it up and rip it out with my hands/pliers and bleed for a couple hours.
B: Suffer for like 5 days and probably get an infection and wait for my mom to get back.

p.s. I feel that this is not spam because it really effin hurts.

ouch man, ask your neighbor to bring you. cause this could be really dangorus to do it yourself.

i also have braces too, and know what you’re talking about. given your current situation, i would attempt to cut the end of the wire myself in front of a mirror, as long as i was really careful.

well the even better times a million news is I have to work 4 to 9 and I can’t call in because I’m training the new really hot girl I got hired. So if I go I’ll either get fired or in deep trouble, and I won’t get to flirt with the hot girl for 5 hours…

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**i also have braces too, and know what you’re talking about. given your current situation, i would attempt to cut the end of the wire myself in front of a mirror, as long as i was really careful. **

Yeah, I just went and looked at it again and I would definately not be able to cut it out myself… so I’m just gonna try to get someone to take me in tomorrow… or just tough it out through monday…
dang I hate these

ok so werk then 2m call a neighbor to bring you man. seriously cause if that junk go infected your gonna be in deeper than oyu are now.

how will you flirt if you are in pain?

get a cab, a bus, a friend, or hitchike to the ortho…

You only get 2 sets of teeth, and you’ve already ruined one set…



I’ll manage to flirt rev… theres always a way…

Unfortunately my orthodontists hours are between 9 and 3 on weekdays only… so I have a really small window of time, and I can’t miss school tomorrow cuz of finals… so this is pretty much a really bad situation… I’m probably gonna have to go to like a different ortho and pay a hundred bucks for them to cut a wire…

weee… gotta love it

Hey 23…err 28 :slight_smile:
It happened to me one time and the pain is horrible. Try taking a pair of tweezers, use the tweezers and find a part of the wire where there is some room to move the tweezers around, and try to drag the wire back to its normal location. If not, cut the end of the wire out. It’s not too difficult for them (I hope) to simply place another wire there.

Kirupa :cyclops:

A CAB. If you don’t have money and your neighbor can’t take you, try and mooch some money off them. How about friends? their parents?

omg! This makes me feel awful… though I have never had braces!

syko me too. all my buddies tell me how much it hurts all the time

awwwwww that makes me thank god I don’t have to wear braces!

knock on wood i have a space but the dentest took XRays and said that when my teeth finish growing in (some are still coming down) it should close that up.

Happened to me once - I just pulled it out with pliers. The whole wire will slide out through each brace - its not that hard, and easy to do. My next visit, they put a new one in - simple.

Best of luck.


hmm those are some good ideas… im gonna have to look into that stuff

pulling it out did not work. I repeat, did NOT work.
I couldnt get a good hold of it but now its in there farther… the good news is im bleeding now. grrr this sucks soooo freakin much. I’m goin to the ortho tomorrow morning i decided… ahh… i love life

Rip the whole brace off :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the price you pay to be in todays perfect society… perfect teeth :frowning:

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I don’t wanna be perfect… but my teeth before braces were kinda scary and probably a health hazard… thats the only thing im ever doin… except wearin makeup on the weekends

Why would they be a health hazard? What would you be doing with your mouth? :stuck_out_tongue:

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