Our new site

Interact New Media, child company of Interact Media. We have given our website a facelift.

Noting super fancy, just some simple HTML with Supporting Flash.


email: [email protected]

Any constructive feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Very nice, guys. It loads extra fast (by the way, the last preloader is a bit odd), the design is nice (I love the animations in the headers), and I really liked the text that follows when you scroll down. Nothing to say, great work.

pom :asian:

Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Not a big fan of sites that open into a pop up…not against popups in general but the site opening into a popup is not so appealing.

Other then that it is clear typography.

Simple nav, smooth animation.

I am not a big fan of some of the visual top elements…but I do believe the “people” category has the best top visual, I propose you use that as your home element rather then burry within…it complements the gray and black the best, also the “services” category has a good top that fits the design. I think you could use those two category tops as a guideline for all the other sections…their color scheme is the most effective; the green or the blue is not as effect as far as color scheme goes, also those two categories have a smooth soothing feel.

Ok thats enough digressing on my part. Hope my feedback was of help.


of http://www.alexkurth.com

Hey, thanks for the constructive feedback Alexander!
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Btw, I was wondering: hod did you do the transition between the pictures? You know, it looks like it’s saturating (?? don’t know if this word exists…).

pom :asian:

It is a different transition than simply fading the images to white. Simple though. Try this:

[*]You need to tween your image using the ‘special’ effect
Select ‘special’, then click the advanced button (MX) slide the R G B sliders right up to +255

[*]Play your animation. The image should over expose to white.


Mmmm… thanks! That’s nice! I wonder if this scriptable though :slight_smile: Well, it has to be.

pom :asian:

Hey InteractMedia,
Congratulations! You are this week’s Site of the Week. As I wrote on the home page, the quality of the content and images was really nice. Nice use of HTML for the content and Flash for the header. Real professional!

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:


Kirupa :asian:

Ahhh, nice surprise :o

Many thanks :slight_smile: