Out There

well i got back into space after checking out greg martins site. he is the god of space nebulas and all that stuff! if you guys not seen his site check it out now! (see bottom of post for link).

ne ways my attempt at a nice big space scene sorta thing its kinda 1.2mb big so if u dont want to wait no worrys. since ive got my 600k cable modem i havnt realy bin thinkin about 56k users :frowning: or 13k :pa: :frowning: .

ne ways here it is for those of you who dont mind waiting.


and HERE is greg martins [URL=http://www.artofgregmartin.com/]SITE


<blown away>
art of greg martin…
</blown away>

dang cuz. thats hardcore.

not a big fan of space art… not much to look at most of the time

I think his art is exceptional. Nice website too…

The scattering of the stars doesn’t appeal to me - I would rather see more gaseous formations.

Only comment is how the big planet up front is more blurry than the stars. Kinda strange unless your focal point is the stars, in which case you need to blur the big planet more :slight_smile:

wtf have you guys been smokin? Desire, your picture is AWESOME, I wish I could do stuff like that.

And that guy’s artwork is nice too :slight_smile:

I agree, your image is cool Desire, but the typography is lacking (the font isn’t my type, nor do I think it fits the image particularly well) but otherwise its all good.

I think it’s pretty cool. What did you create the image in?

thanks for the comments, i made it all in photoshop.

hopefully one day i will be as good as greg but i doubt it lol.