Anyone who lives in Southern California is welcome to come paintballing with a bunch of buddies of mine. This saturday, at a place called SC Village. Message me on AIM at Ask2k3 for more info.

darn, if only i didnt live on the east coast. well isnt pb the best? what do you have for a marker?

i love paintballing. i live nowhere near california. It would be awsome to have a Kirupa Paintball Torunament.

ill make snacks :slight_smile:

Haha that’d be awesome! Everyone after Phil!! :bad:

Paintball rules.

I would love to light all you guys up!

hehe teamBoston would soooo win :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to be on the team! are there any places up by you guys? the one by me (near springfield) is like always closed. the closest one for me is keen, nh but are there ones in boston? if so let me know cause that would be closer…

Time for an English match I think, anyone in the UK wanna join me? :beam:

  • Soul :s:

Team Beaver Pelts from Canada would kick your arse!

EH! all the way!

lol…team beaver pelts.

I am yet to play the course at boston paintball. I guess its multiple floors in a warehouse.

When I play I go to canobe paintball in southern NH

Wow I’d love to play inside, I’ve only ever done it outside, in a forest

  • Soul :s:

Inside is great, I play at a place called “Srgt Splatters” here in Ontario. It’s 3 levels and fun as hell. Its all gravel on the bottom floor and all the ramps and steps and stuff are made of wood and steel - plus there are mirrors and stuff… can make for some great fun.

I have been guilty of shooting myself in the mirror a few times in a moment of adrenelin rush :slight_smile:

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**Time for an English match I think, anyone in the UK wanna join me? :beam:

  • Soul :s: **
    Went paintballing as a team building day once (we all shot the manager in the back). :slight_smile: You’re on. :bad:

Fester go to oh crap whats the name? Extream Paintball? darn i was just talking about it. well its in Swanzy which is next to Keene. i will thnk of it, its one floor in a warehouse.

i have been here too, but its like 2hrs+ away:

that place is good, one floor two fields. sup air is so much fun. but so is speedball and woods, i hate jungle.

i love paintball, but i’m more intro airsoft, since all of my friends like airsoft more…but i’m all the way up in North Cali :frowning:

isnt airsoft like BB guns?

yeha kinda, but it shoots little 6mm yellow plastic pellets

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**hehe team Boston would soooo win :stuck_out_tongue: **

Im in!!!

i am pretty good at paintballing!=)

i would love to join, but i like like 1000 miles away from you guys up in the boston/new york area. :frowning: