Passing vars from HTML - still no answer?

Surely someone has figured out how to get POST variables from an HTML link (i.e. in to Flash CS3 easily?

I was using SWFObject’s addVariable feature quite happily but am now trying to use the new AC_RunActiveContent.js thing that CS3/AS3 uses by default and it is not happening for me. I’ve read all manner of articles and I can not find an answer. FlashVars doesn’t seem to do what I need, nor does the query-string methods

If I hardcode the variables (i.e. edit the Flash-generated HTML before publishing it), I can access them fine from within - but what use is that?

In the SWFObject days, the key to pulling the variable off the HTML was the getQueryParamValue(“var”) function. I guess the question is: how do you feed AC_RunActiveContent.js with the same information?

I can’t believe that something so fundamentally useful and simple is as yet unrevealed.

HELP - many hours wasted thus far