Password help needed?

i am making my first flash 5 page, but i got a little problem with the actionscripts of the passwordscripts, i can not link it to the next frame in the same movie.
that is if i make the password file as a movie clip and insert it in scene 1, and the script of the password says that has to goandplay scene 2 frame one it doesnt do anything. what is wrong here? or does somebody has a fla file for me with the right code in it?

thanks, you would help me out greatly.


When using gotoAndPlay, or gotoAndStop, and calling to a scene, you cannot use frame numbers… you must use frame labels.
Flash compresses the file into an swf, upon publishing. When it does this, it no longer recognizes scenes. Frame 1 on scene 2, is actually frame 1 of scene 1. I know that sounds dumb… we all think so.

So, open your “Frame” panel. Select frame 1 of scene two, and in the frame panel enter a name for the frame.

Then simply use the frame name, in quotes, in the place where the frame number would normaly go.

Can they get to that site by pressing tab until they highlight the right button and press enter, then get in bypassing the password?


I don’t understand how that would work, Fil. And pressing tab in flash won’t do a phing… Stop Mountain Dew, man, I told you.

pom 0]