Urgent help needed!

Hi every one, am not an expert in flash but with KIRUPA great site I managed to create a whole ‘simple’ but elegant website and its supposed to be didecated to my aunt and her art work, it was done months ago but still didn’t work ! why? a tiny problem thats moving from one scene to the other with just clicking buttons, I have this code on the button

on (release, releaseOutside) {
gotoAndPlay (“wall”, 1);

which is supposed to be taken me to the other scene called 'wall ’ but it didn’t ! I tried that a million times but it still wouldn’t work and then I got busy with life and left this subject on a side for a while but now am IMPARESSED cause I promised her and i didn’t finish it ! I want to finish this in anyway PLS HELP ME even if it was by posting the whole website site for any one of u who might be intersted just to correct this for me am sure its a simple tiny thing thats keeping me from publishing this website !
pls help me as soon as possible am so disperete now !

many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I would be happy to take a look at it and see what I could do. It seems like I problem I might be able to fix. You can post it or mabye even e-mail it to me if it is small enough. I have PM you my e-mail addresss.

The problem is, frame number 1 is frame number 1 no matter what scene you’re in. That is to say… the flash movie is read as frame 1 in scene 1, to frame (whatever) in the last scene. If you want to use scene names, use frame labels.

To make a frame label. Create a blank layer (I label mine “labels”) Select the frame you want to go to and hit F7 to insert a blank keyframe. With that frame selected, open the “Frame” panel. In the field provided enter a discriptive label.

Then your button script would look like this (if the frame label were “start”)

on (release, releaseOutside) {
gotoAndPlay (“wall”, “start”);