Password input not working correctly

I don’t understand… it works but it doesn’t refresh the inputStatus every time I push the submit button\rhere’s my actionscript stuff:\r\rif (Input == “Kirupa”) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Status = “Access Granted!”;\r} else {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Status = “Access Denied!”;\r}\r\rI did it with ti keyframes, when i type the password and push the button:\r\rgotoAndStop(2);\rand in frame 2 there’s a Dynamic text named “Status”\rBut it works like this…\rI type “Kirupa” and push the btn and the Status hasn’t been refreshed yet and Access Denied it tells me but if i push the back btn and type the password again it tells me Access Granted…It like takes the last password i entered not the current\rwhat should I do, isn’t there an action like refresh or something?\rMy flash isn’t scrued up either i reinstalled the windows and flash but no use it still shows me the last password’s not the current password’s status…\r:mad: (

Well, I recreated your movie, with 2 frames, one input box on 1st frame, one dynamic box (status) on second frame, stop actions on both, button on each, with your code (+ play at the end) copied’n’pasted from here on the 1st button, and it works just fine…maybe you didn’t take care of upper/lower case ( the “K”), coz this IS case sensitive: k!=K !! if you’d typed in “kirupa”, you’d get the denied return!\ryou can solve this (if you want) by using toLoverCase (or upper…) before comparing.

Ok thanx anyway but that’s not the problem but if that works correctly on your computer then that means that the thing is that my computer or something must be scrued up.\rthe problem is that it takes the right password and brings up access granted but…\rfor the first time no matter what password I enter it brings up access denied, second time if i enterd kirupa for the first time then it’s access granted but if I entered something else then it’s access denied.\rIt shows me the last password’s I entered status not the currents…\rbut if it’s working correctly on your computer then there must be nothing wrong with the program itself… :frowning: