Path question.... simple

I ran over a simple problem and I’m too tired to understand it :slight_smile:
I have a class and a fla file. The class is in 2 sub-folders and the fla is in the main folder something like this:

Everything is in a folder called “document class”, so this is what I have inside the “document class” folder:

[com] > [sub2] >

// [com] and [sub2] are folders

inside the whatever.fla I gave the root to my with com.sub2.Test
and well, it find the file but it is giving me an 5001 error… something regarding the package name…

inside the I have something like:

package {
public class Test(){

Not really sure what to do and why am I getting the error… I’m sure it’s something simple but I simple can’t see it. :slight_smile: