Urgent package problem seeks solution

hi, i read all adobe documentation plus some books nut i am about to throw my pc out of the window. they describe simple things as rocket science to make them hard to understand. can someone help me with the following ?
i have a folder named artistica. inside this folder is the fla of the application. the classes of the application reside in a folder named site_classes which ofcourse is inside artistica folder. in my fla i have set the path of the main class in the publish settings as site_classes.main.Main_Class, because Main_Class is inside main folder which is inside site_classes. also the source path in the advanced actionscript settings is set as I:\sites under development\site ag. personal\site aggelikh\artistica . all my classes are inside site_classes which is inside artistica. ofcourse whenever i test the movie i get the same old errors .
(i have also tried to set the source path in the advanced actionscript settings as I:\sites under development\site ag. personal\site aggelikh\artistica.site_classes.

one error is : TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert site_classes.main::[email protected] to Main_Class.
at site_classes.main::Main_Class()[I:\sites under development\site ag. personal\site aggelikh\artistica\site_classes\main\Main_Class.as :17]

another error is package name 5001 error and it tells me to change the position of classes. but why since the classes reside exactly in the folder structure as described in the package name ?
Another thing. if i delete all references to class folders from the source path at publish settings itworks, but then when i try to instantiate new class instances with the use of getDefinitionByName i get the following error : ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Graphic_space is not defined. but the class Graphic_space is imported as import site_classes_pages; .

can someone help me bring rocket science to middle human level of thinking ?