Payment Gateways

This has been asked a few times but I can’t find a thread for this. So for anyone who knows about this stuff:

What do I need to accept money from people online? I can use Paypal, but it takes too big of a chunk of my received money. I have three needs:

  1. They need to be an actual gateway like Paypal (not just a backend API that my website connects to). I don’t think people that pay on my site trust me enough to just give me their credit card numbers (and what would I do with those?). I also don’t have an SSL certificate.

  2. If it’s an actual redirect-based gateway like Paypal, it should be automatic and it should provide me with an API so once it redirects back to my site after payment, I can safely and be assured that payment is made, by who, and record that and do whatever.

  3. Hopefully a PHP script has already be written for something that uses the API in 2.?

Anyways, I could use all the suggestions I can get. I’m stumped here.