People suck

I am completely and utterly irked now…someone stole my skateboard right off my front porch…I dont’ think it would piss me off so much if the board was new, because then I could understand it, but its not! Its old, and scratched and about to break anyway! BUt its MY board!!! I want it back because I need soemthing to skate on when I go back to school and I don’t have the money to buy a completely new set-up before next friday…AHHHHHHH I HATE PEOPLE!!!

That’s so messed up. There are “bike-nappings” around my neighborhood recently. So far I think like 5 bikes were stolen, including a friend of mines. His was stolen from his back yard, they went in from the driveway.

People do suck, what the hell is wrong with everyone nowadays!

We have lost our fear of retribution.

Thats becaust parents don’t punish there kids anymore. Around here if someone gets into trouble, all they have to do is make a pouty face and say they won’t do it again and the parents are all like “ok, I won’t punish you, just don’t do it again”. It makes me sick.

I remember when I was a kid I got smacked upside the head if I did something bad, and guess what, I came out fine. I don’t shoplift, I don’t steal other peoples things, I don’t pick on anyone, or beat them up.

Why they made it illegal to discipline your kid, I will never understand. Kids today need discipline (which is ironic that I say that considering I am 18).

Just venting…:-\

Well, no, Lostinbeta… Really, you couldn’t be more wrong. Actually, what you said scares the hell out of me.

I mean, yeah, people steal things today and that’s a downer or whatever but they stole things yesterday, too. People have always been stealing things. It’s not because we don’t hit our kids anymore. That’s just ridiculous.

And we don’t have laws against punishing our kids - we have laws against ABUSING our kids. I mean, call me crazy but it isn’t exactly a good thing when people go around beating their kids for not being home in time.

And about the kids saying they learnt their lesson… Well, if they really DID learn their lesson what’s the point in punishing them? All it does is make them resent you and basically ensure that they’ll never listen to you again. For some reason the world seems to have forgotten the punishment only exists for (a particularly poor form of) rehabilitation. If rehabilition can be accomplished by simply explaining to the kid why not to do that again than there’s no need to make the kid go to bed without supper or, even more so, beat the kid.

Woah, I reread what I said and that came out wrong.

I don’t think parents should beat their kids, but I do believe in proper punishment.

My mom’s boyfriend’s kid is always getting in trouble and says he learned his lesson but he does it again and again. He does punish him for it though, and if he does give him punishment the kid breaks it, all the time, getting him in more trouble. He went to a child psychologist (or one of those people that try to teach you the proper way discipline your kid) and the only advice she gave him was to count to 3, and if the kid didn’t stop what he was doing, then he doesn’t get a cookie, but if he did stop, then he gets a cookie.

Raising a kid isn’t like training a dog. They need to know who is in charge, and I didn’t mean to beat your kid to tell them that, but to discipline them so they will understand that. Whether it would be grounding them, or disabling their use of their video game systems, or no tv for a certain amount of time. It is up for the parent to make sure they stick to it, and that will show their kid that the parent is in charge and they should listen to them.

I was never beat by my parents, just whenever I did something bad (which wasn’t often) I would get “thwaped” in the head, as they called it. Never hard enough to make me cry (well I would cry because I got in trouble) but definitely enough to get the point across.

It just seems to me like a lot of kids now could care less about their parents or about other people. And they don’t know right from wrong anymore. Maybe this is just me because I live in the city and their are a lot of bad kids so my views on people are sort of tainted.

I totally agree with lostinbeta, children these days get away with more than they should, but again like he stated that they need to be punished not abused.

Also, as an add-on about my moms boyfriend’s kid…

After the cookie thing didn’t work, they went straight to saying he needed behavior enhancing drugs like ridilin. I think that is ridiculous, there are so many kids on behaviour enhancing drugs nowadays for no reason, someone just jumps to a conclusion and BAM, a prescription is written.

Behaviour enhancement drug? What the hell is that?

pom :asian:

It’s what they put the “crazy” kids on (like the kids with Attention Deficit Disorder, or Bi-Polar Disorder). Like ridilin…and… I don’t know the others ones at this moment. Basically they take your “out of control” kid, give them this drug, and it makes them act like conformed zombies. But if you miss one dosage they are back to the way they were before.