Personal Website Critique... **

Ok after working on the idea i realised that i werent so sure about the red/wood one, so i worked on the last design i had shown you, but with the colours i already have on my splash page on my site ( i think i might go with this idea, any comments? critique? i can take people telling me whats wrong hehe

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Main screen

Hello all.

Some of you may have seen these website ideas many months ago, when i was planning on working on this website, but i started university since then and have been busy with study, friends and other things. Hence…my site not being online! :frowning:

The story is…

Im working on a personal website where i can showcase my portfolio of work over the years, showcase latest work in am doing and projects i am working on, a place where people can learn about me and my CV/Resume etc and also a place where i can share my work with people. Im after creating a website that is very UNIQUE and not done ‘many’ times before, so keeping in mind…

  1. That it is a personal website to show off my Programming, Design (vector etc) and experiments in flash.

  2. I want a unique looking website (colours, layout etc)

  3. Want it to be noticable, and respected

Then i would like you to critique on these following layouts. Look at them and tell me which ones you think could WORK if i continued developing them. Also vote at the top :slight_smile:


Jason :thumb: