Pet Peeves

I wonder sometimes about stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:

Today it’s what people get really ticked off about when looking over somebody’s work…if anything.

For me it’s when somebody designs a website and lists all kinds of blatant lies all over their pages. For example, when looking through a CSS gallery today I found a website that claimed to “pay extra special attention to detail and produce standards compliant code coupled with pixel perfect design”…then over looking through the site i found that it didn’t validate at all, I noticed several design flaws and obviously non-pixel-perfect design… For the most part the inflated ‘ego-copy’ wouldn’t bother me…that’s all part of making a sale. But these people didn’t even try to live up to the hype they were building. Drives me nuts. If you’re going to claim to be something then at least strive to make yourself resemble what you’re spinning.

Anyhow, that’s mine…And you?