Are you always unhappy with your work?

Do you guys have this same problem. No matter how good of a job you do on something and no matter how much other people like it you still hate it. All you can see are the errors you know are there but know one else does. You know what work when into it so you aren’t as impressd but it. I hate looking at my own work. I know I should be happy when a job is finished and the client loves it but I’ll I think about is I could have done better. If anyone else has this problem please drop a post here :smirk:

I usually get bored when looking too much at what I’m doing…

But for me, when the client is happy, I’m happy… :slight_smile:

even if the client is happy I’m usually not happy with my work, but if I still get paid, then I overlook my unhappiness and therefore become happy…

i usualy hate my work…every once in a while i’ll like it…then get sick of looking at it and go on to make something better.

I get sick of your work sometimes too.
Ur so good.
I envy your skills.

Who’s work do you envy?:q:

I too hate most of my work. nothing really makes me happy as a desiner, and i continue to make it better. I think thats why we have awesome designs, because we push our selves to become better and better.

I admire Kit’s Artwork, her anime Rocks!
I really admire all the top memebers of this board, I think we have a great collection of tallent from all over the place and their efforts to help people show it =) (including you Syntax) =)

I hate all my work. I like it when I make it… then I hate it and wonder why I ever thought it was good at all.

i always hate my work. i like making people happy, thats the fun part about it, or when people say wow. but when your working on it you see it so much you get sick of it fast.:cyclops:

i think it’s the same with anything. i had a good friend who was a master marble mason - does these gorgeous marble floors and walls in hotels, rich people’s houses, etc. He learned it in argentina. been doing it his whole life. he said the same thing. he will do a job and people will be admiring it and saying how beautiful it is, but he can see a million imperfections and places where he didn’t do his best.

i think leonardo davinci said something like “an artist should never get so good that he cannot criticize himself”
i probably totally butchered the quote, but the idea is that your ideals should always be ahead of what you are doing. then there is always room for improvement.

lostingbeta: I hate all my work. I like it when I make it… then I hate it and wonder why I ever thought it was good at all.

That’s exactly what happens to me all the time.
Right now I’m trying to make my homepage but I’m sick of it already…

I’m haveing the same problem also. I started one Personal site and half way through just hated it so I have started from scratch. Now there are things in it I just hate so I’m re building some of the main elements from scratch. The worst thing is buttons. I don’t think I’ve made a button yet that I liked. I just go with something cause I’m running out of time. I guess its kind of like a magic act. If you are the one preforming the tricks and know how they are done it just isn’t impressive to you.:slight_smile:

YEp If you see some kinda cool effect then you’re like WOW :o
But when you learn how to make such things then you think … hah no biggie. AND when you are really making it then you’re just sick of it.

I hate all my work too - but I would say mainly because of garish ideas spawned from the client’s head. Has a client ever asked you to use that awful animated gif of a “letter that writes and and magically mails itself into cyber space” or perhaps a scrolling ticker or gulp the dreaded blink tags? Clients think it’s “neat” and demand that I use it. Sometimes I want to cry.

that’s my domain… it’s been like that for 4 months now…

kinda says it all :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve scrapped a million designs by now…

another leonardo quote (davinci, not dicaprio):

“I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have”

When a client ask me to use some crapy gif or other elements like that I just say NO. I explane why I won’t use it and he shouldn’t use it. Most clients usally listen because that waht they pay me for. If they keep presisting then I’ll use it if I really need the money but most listen. Sites like that I don’t put in my Portfolio because they make me look bad. I want to just yell at the client when they wan’t some stupid thing like that.:evil:

hey eliose you should submit for that for site of the week. Very origonal. I like it alot.:beam:
Just kidding man. Can’t wait to see what you do come up with though because it will be sweet.

Ha ha! :stuck_out_tongue:

Original may not be the best word… :slight_smile:

I hope it’ll be sweet too… I’m considering a full flash site… just gotta think of a design… (argh)…

Sintax, say this out loud 100 times:


And then write it 10.000 times!

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a slight case of dyslexia so I have trouble keeping words straight sometimes. My brain just spits them out the worng way. I know how it will upset a person when your name is spelled wrong.

People keep on spelling mine “Syntax”. It is “sintax”. Do you get the secret meaning?