Phor PHIL especially and anybody else too

Hey Phil, I phink you’ll phind there niph phtuph for your phite, including a back button, and a printing command.
Wonderphul !!!
pom 0]

Hey Ilyas,
Your gone phor a while then blam, your back with a phury on the boards. I like that site and plan on spending the aphternoon there and doing that back button thingy and the print commands. It sounds as though you are speaking with a lisp or something, you didn’t get hurt did you?


I don’t underphtand what you’re talking about…
About my board phury, you phee, it’s the weekend here in Phranphe, and I had phome time, to phink, you know… More pheriously, I’ve just pheen “the elefant man”, and he phpeaks a little bit like that. Phtrange movie by the way.

0] pom

phanks phom, phie phadded phit phas phell.

Don’t mock me, phiend. And moreover, I don’t underphtand a phingle work you’re phaying.
phom ??? Let’s go for it. 0]

Ya know, although this site does not have a ton of tutes, it does have basically what I needed to finish my detrimentals. Thanks so much phor this phind.

philman who is also a pharmboy

Phil, phetch me that tutorial on this phite about a back button…
As you wiph.

pom 0] , tired to be a hero for everybody

You might not be everymans hero, but your one of mine. Pheel better?

That Phlastastic Philman

P.S. Do you wanna see your phace shining in that tute by the morning?