Photo fading effect , HOW?

can someone help me on how to make a photo fade but at the same time have the other photo begin to fade in

Wish I knew the answer to this but this might help.

Its probably more complex than it sounds (it always is) but you might be able to figure out how to have it working without the buttons to trigger the behaviour.

It isn’t actually that hard, and yea there are lots of tutorials that explain this one.

Take your image (photo) and make it a symbol (F8), as a movie, give it a descriptive name.

Then click on it on your stage - where you get the blue box around it.

Add a keyframe (F6) where you want to start the animation (fade). Then go to the spot where you want the animation to end and add another keyframe.

Go to the first keyframe and then to your property inspector and in the color drop down menu choose alpha. You will then get a percentage box, change it to reflect 0%.

Then go to the last keyframe and again choose alpha on your color in your property box and this time make the precentage 100%.

Then click on any frame inbetween the two keypoints and rightclick and choose “motion tween”. You should get a blue box with an arrow through it.

Create a new layer for your next image and repeat the process only adding your first keyframe in the same frame (new layer though) as where your last one ended, then again down the time line add another keyframe of where this image is to end fade.

I hope that helps.

Here is the site I am working on (redoing the whole look though) and it fades one photo into another:

Let me know if you have any other questions,

thank you

cirque du soleil has one of it’s pages that has pictures fading. I can’t post the exact page, because it is in a popup window and I can’t seem to find the exact url, however, it’s quite pertinent to this discussion and i’ve been wondering how this was achieved. If you go to

and then click on the ENTER, you will see this pop up window. Then, an ENTER again shows what I mean at the top half of the pop up window.

this fade seems to be event driven, so I assume there is some additional action script going on.

I’d truely appreciate any comments about how this is done and if it is similar to what you have just described. Do you think this is done with Flash MX? or some earlier version?

There’s a fla about that effect in the MX forum. Something called Ideas on AlexKurth or something like that. And Flash 5 or MX don’t make any difference on that one.

pom :asian:

ma’deel had posted in that thread the following link

It’s no longer there… if anyone has that file, could you repost it please?