Picture fading in/ fading help

Hey gang I am trying to get a picture to fade in on my intro. And for the life of me cant get it done. I am have adjusting the easing but that seems to have no effect. I just have images popping up essentially I just can get them to start from a point where they are invisible, how do I do it?

Import the pictures into the frame you want to start the fade from. Select the picture and convert it to a symbol, (* Insert> Convert to Symbol*, or select it and hit [F8] same thing) Position it where you want it, and right click the frame in the timeline and choose * Insert Keyframe*. Jump ahead a few frames (however long you want it to fade.) Right click and * Insert Keyframe*. Go back to the first keyframe and select your pic. Then open the Effect window (* Window> Panels> Effect*) and in the pulldown box select * Alpha*, grab the slider and pull it to zero. or just type in 0 in the box. Right click inbetween the two keyframes on the main timeline, and select * Create Motion Tween*. The frames should turn purple and you will be all set. Any additional questions feel free!\r\rCheers!\r-Niann

:slight_smile: Wow that’s a good explination… I didn’t realize that you could do that in that order, I always create my motion tween first. I’m going to have to try that out… I think that it might have some advantages.

Yeah, that was something that struck in your tutorial about Ray of Light : you created your tweens bEFORE putting the second keyframe… I thought it was a typo of some sort :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

nope… that’s just the way I’ve always done it. :slight_smile: