Photo/image Transparency

Please visit If you hit enter in that home page, the movie is simple but all i need to know is, how come the pictures that they used are layered/masked such that we don’t see the picture border.

I really like the way they blend the pictures with background but just wondering how they did.

Please advise.


MAYBE (that’s the keyword here) if you import .png images, which handle transparency, you can make that effect. Let’s write it one more time : MAYBE !!!

pom 0]

I am not concerned about the picture. But I would like to know how they made the picture appear only partially.

That’s what I’m trying to tell you : maybe the pictures are not layered or masked. They don’t apprear partially. Maybe they’re just like that in the first place, and I’m pretty sure they are like that in the first place. you can get the background out with Photoshop or equivalent, save it under .png extension, import into Flash, and it should work. Maybe.

pom 0]

I agree with Pom. You can TRY to do that in flash, but without Photoshop (or equivilant) antialiasing tools, you’re never going to get it smooth enough.

In photoshop the tools used are the magic wand tool, and the eraser tool. These are used select and delete everything except the picture you want to keep. Antialiasing will make the edges smoother.
When you “save for web”, click on PNG, and be sure to click on the preserve transparancy.

PNG’s work really well with flash, since flash has it’s own Raster compression techniques. I highly recomend photoshop for anyone who wants to do either Flash, or html design work.

Thanks Guys for your suggestion.
I will try it out!