Photoshop >> Flash Transparency

What is the best way - I need the transparency

I saved as a png but still it go a white border

any ideas?


if i’m right, saving as a gif could work… but i’m not sure…

save as png 24 (or 32) and make sure the transparency is properly applies in PS (in otherwords white in PS wont be transparent, you need PS transparency).

gif will provide transparency as well, but index transparency meaning no blends - “all or none” transparency. This, however, also makes for a leaner image.

Indeed. Png from Photoshop works perfectly. Just did it on a project of mine.

let’s say you had the text “Hello world” written in Photoshop with a nice glow effect. This would be the layer above the default, first layer. Just delete that first layer (black/white background) so that the background in Photoshop is like a chess field with grey/white squares.

yes i worked it out but thanks guys!

…open the psd file in fireworks and export it in .swf
you will have the same layout but in a swf format