Photo painting application

i just released the first version of a photo painting application

Psykopaint is an online photo painting tool which allow you to paint an image using the colors of an other image.

You can obtain a wide range of effects from transforming your image into a digital painting in few time and without any drawing skills, or make something completely abstract and unique.
This is like the opposite process of painting, from a photo, we transform reality to obtain something which is more ‘personalized’ like impressionism.

Technically It samples the pixels of an image and apply the color of those pixels to your brush.
It is a bit like normal painting except that the color choosing process is automatic and so taking advantage of this we have more freedom for the shape of our brush.
Also it is not intended to simulate traditional painting, but more to go forward in the creation of new tools.
So there are lots of different crazy brushes which will not make sense in traditional painting software, but does in this one.

I think this is like the missing link between digital painting softwares and photoshop. It might take a bit time to learn like every new tool, but once you know how it works you can make crazy unique stuffs with it! Some of you may not understand the interest of it, but i really believe it is special when you take a bit time to play with it.

Have a go with it, tell me what you think, leave something in the gallery and i’ll be happy :wink:
Feel free to spread it around.