Photo shop (part 2)

in photoshop i was wondering how i can get the little box out of my immage. it says 1 and it has a little pic next to it.

i am trying to get a square in there because i have one on each corner and i cant see what im doing.


What exactly are you trying to do? I can never understand what you’re trying to do, I want to help, but I have no clue what you’re talking about. :-\

This is the immage that i cant get out of the corner of my project that i am working on. i am trying to add a little picture in that corner and i cant see what i am doing with this in the way.


just make the image window full scren and it should go away
othrwise im stuck at what to do

ahh now I see, just go to View and uncheck Extras or Ctrl H and that should get rid of it. =)

[SIZE=4]DOH!!![/SIZE] :-\

That’s your slices. That’ll show up if you use the slice tool. You can turn it off as instructed by Electrongeek… or just uncheck “Slices” so you can still view your Guides.


Easiest way for me is to hit ctrl + h (for the pc)