Photoshop and Flash MX

Well its quite an dump questoin i think but anyway here it is:

I am able to create things with photoshop quite well… but i am trying to learn some flash mx now (done some tut’s and tried a few things…) BUT i was wondering how i could save my “objects” the best, because ive done it with making it a gif (/me wants to keep transparancy…) at best quallity and that still looks quite schocking to me :]
So please tell me how i can make my photoshop thingies and keep the transparancy and nice picture quality!

When i made something others may see, ill post it!

grtz MiLK!

To keep your photoshop imported images at a good quality, after you import your image go to your library. Right click on the image and go to Properties, uncheck the Allow Smoothing checkbox. You can also increase the quality by unchecking the Use Imported JPEG Data then mess with the quality settings from there.

As for transparency. I have had experience with Flash not preserving the transparency of a .gif image, but I found that it does preserve the transparency of .png images. So I recommend saving your file as a .png. PNG images support partial transparency too, so some parts of your image can look half opaque while the rest remains solid, very cool feature of the image type, works in flash too.:slight_smile:

thank u so much! Perfect answer to my question! =)

now /me is starting up flash again :slight_smile:

Glad I could help :slight_smile: