Photoshop color settings

Hey gang,

I was hoping somebody could help me out with this. I’ve been using photoshop for a good while now, but I’ve never messed with the color setting preferences before.

Now I’m running into a problem where the gray background I"m using in Flash (#333333), isn’t the same as #333333 from my photoshop file. I tried exporting the file I used in Photoshop to a .jpg, and importing that jpg into flash. You could see the gray differences between them. I’m sure I’m using the same color, without saturating it in any way. I’m wondering if I didn’t use the right settings in my color preferences for the output, but I don’t really know since I haven’t touched that part of photoshop.

I know I fixed this problem before, but I just can’t remember how I did it. Any ideas would be helpful.

Uth :nerd:

Are you using the RGB Color Mode in Photoshop or the CMKY Color Mode? This might effect it.

I know #333333 are exactly the same for me in both.


Thanks for the try, but no it wasn’t that. I checked to make sure photoshop was in a RBG color type before I started making any of the drawings. <b>EDIT</b> : Btw, CMYK is moreso used for print media (I ended up doing some of that for the company I work for). Since the monitor can’t produce every single color (RBG) that you might want to use, CMYK is available so you can match to pantone colors that are used in print jobs.

any other ideas, lay them on me.

Uth :nerd:

Hmmmmmm…I have never had this problem so I am just taking a shot in the dark here…

Go to Edit/Color Settings… (Shft+Ctrl+K) and see if everything looks the same way it does on mine…

i have issues with that 2.


Well I gave that a whirl too, no luck.

I’m going to give some of my settings on my comp a try.

Thanks again for the effort,

Uth :nerd:

I just need to attach this file and see if you guys are seeing any distinction in the color…

I looked at the settings for my graphics card, and my colours were only set to 16 true bit, not 32. I looked again and it seems that that was the problem.

Let me know if it’s good at your end if you have a minute to spare please.

Uth :nerd:

It looks fine on my end Uthar.

I’m glad it was something simple… playing around with those color settings can be a bit negative sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking


Uth :nerd:

Yes it can. I am glad you fixed your problem:)