Photoshop CS?

can anyone provide a link to photoshop [font=Arial Black][size=5][color=red][size=7][font=Century Gothic]CS[/font] [/size][/color][font=Verdana][size=2]tutorials?[/size][/font][/size][/font]

what about photoshop cs? beginners guide? effect tutorial? new tool tutorial? is one place, google search for others or go to the top of this forum and look up the userful links.

ok, i checked good-tutorials. but i specificcaly need CS tutorials. do you understand that? only cs. nothing else. good-tutorials is a great site for PS7 but ***i need CS ***tutorials right now.

dude no need to be rude. like i said go to and search “photoshop cs tutorial”

heh, this is the same guy that says he’s gonna test our skills, “If I like what I see, I stay at KF.” like he’s better than everyone, and he’s someone.

Anyway, there isn’t anything that new in CS that can’t be done in 7. The only things that are really that amazingly important are the new color retouches it does, and the new file browser. Other than that, ANY Photoshop tutorials will do.

There isnt anything specific in terms of effects with CS little buddy. Photomerge is the biggest new effect, otherwise it was all streamline additions.

Dont get your panties in a bundle. There arent any CS specific tutorials because its pretty much PS7 with just some streamline additions.

thats what i was looking for, color retouches.

i wanted to see if members here are skilled, i was giving an oppurtunity for anyone to show off, and no one did…maybe no one here is skilled…i guess i’ll never really know :frowning:

How about you look around at the posts, instead of assuming and insinuating that no one here has skill. I’m sure that lots of ppl could’ve easily have done that, however we have nothing to prove to you.

have you bothered going into the battle forum? thats where you can find the “skills” members have.

or like simplistik said, look around… another one would be the “showcase” thread.

Most of us are professionals. If you ask what you need - then we can help you out, if you ask for just tutorials, then how can we know what you want? We aren’t mind readers.

Most of us are VERY skilled with photoshop, others like you, are here to learn.

lol. Sorry buddy but no one here has any skill so why don’t you just be on your way. hint hint

hahaha…ur hillarious…soo funny, that i forgot to laugh:evil2:

No offense but what is with the attitude I know the people on this forum would be more than happy to help but you need to provide us 1.)with what you are looking for be specific and 2.) Nobody is going to help you if you treat them like that show some respect jeese.

man im glad that jerk got banned:)

i am simply looking for photoshop cs tutorials on the new additions in cs. that is all. i need those so that i can learn the new stuff in cs, so that when more tutorials come out, i will know all of the functions.

You have an attitude, this is your only warning, treat members with respect or you [color=red][size=5]WILL[/size][/color] be banned.

ok. can i edit my posts to nicer wordings? or will that result in a ban?

Bye, come back in 24 hours when you’re unbanned. Better come back with more respect or you won’t be coming back.

There isnt any difference with normal photoshop or photostop cs tutorials. There is only minimal differences like text on a curve line, the file browser and photomerge like mdipi said. If you cant find anything that why dont you go and purchase a book, maybe adobe photoshop cs in a classroom? Its called self-exploration.

If this ruski_flasher is looking for skilled photoshop users, does this mean he is un-skilled himself? Pretty demanding then.

As was suggested above, any googley seach can find links like this (random pick).