PHP Flash email tutorial problem

Yeah yeah yeah I know what you are thinking “not another flash php email tutorial problem!”. But alas, I come to you all in need and hope my questions are not too idiotic.

First off - the 'ol caveat: I know nothing about PHP. Like many coding languages I can follow what is going on but don’t know how to fix something when I have a problem.

Okay, that said, I followed Sen’s tutorial on kirupa (
I am loading the form in as an external movie clip though, so I’m not sure if that is messing anything up or not. It loads fine but nothing happens when I hit the “send” button. It just sits there. The status bar in the lower left hand side of the firefox browser says "Waiting for [website name] . . . " but hangs.

When I test it in Flash and run a trace (trace(email) for example) it seems to accept the variable no problem.

Yes my site host accepts php and I did go and set the permissions on the php file to 666 (read/write). I tried 777 too but same thing.

Any ideas what I should be looking for?

Okay and now for a REALLY stupid question. Why can’t I set my message input box to multiline wrap text? :blush: It just keeps going in one really big long block.

thanks for any help ya’ll