PHP/Flash Site Check


I put this site out about a week ago or so and only got one response. I have almost got it done now and would like some feed back on it. I am new to flash but enjoy it very much. I have used Flash MX and PHP to pull data from a database. Click the link and check it out

Thank you in advance

Nice work. The design is clean, and the whole thing loads very fast. Good work, man. But why did you put an intro so short? :-\

pom :asian:

Thanks POM You were one of the main peops I wanted to hear from. I did a short intro because I could not really think of anything else to add. I will be working on it though.

[size=1]the only suggestion i would have is to reduce the gain on some of
the sound effects. They sorta take over the background and take
away from the animation itself. Love the colors.

Just my


Yes, it is very nice.

I just have one question… why is my mouse pointer set to the hand cursor over your entire site?

Very nice. However I would add some type of pattern or at least a background color to the main.html page to avoid so much white space. Very clean site!

Thank you all for the input. lostinbeta I am not sure about the cursor thing. I will have to look into it. I made the whole site one big button :slight_smile: Just kidding I don’t really know. Once again thanks


nice and clean - I especially liked the contact details page, was there a tutorial you followed for that?

Thanks Urban: No tutorial. I just went for it. I am an application programmer by trade so it came varly easy.


I don’t suppose you want to do a tut do you? or part with the code? - I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate it.

Urban: What parts do you want to know about. I have never done a turtorial before so I am not sure if I have the proper verbal skills to explain what I did. I will think about it though. Maybe if more peops want it I will do it.


I’d be interested in a tutorial but if you don’t want to, there’s no problem…

its simple, neat and fast loading.
i guess you make the intro animation a little bit longer.
so it will make more impact.