Php/flash Update

Well thank you to all who had input about the site(see PHP/FLASH Site Check). I took everyones advice to extend the intro. I also added the background color. The site is done except for our clients section. We have many clients just none completed quite yet. :slight_smile:

Well…any new input is always good. Thanks again



No more hand cursor over the entire site!!! Definite plus!


Great site. Loved the intro. Really liked the whole layout of the site. Do you load your text content dynamicly? Also how do you retrive the info from your form?. One thing I noticed is that you can drag the content boxes outside the boarders(but you probably know this already). Very nice site. Great for doing serious business.:slight_smile:

The home page is loaded dynamically with a .txt file. All the stuff about our network is pulled from a mySQL database using PHP. I capture my information off the form also using php. As far as the dragging thing: it is always good to think outside the box:)

Very funny.:stuck_out_tongue: How complicated is the script you use on the form? Does it go to a database, e-mail, txt?

It is not that hard. It sends an email. I could store in database but I do not want to keep that information quite yet. The script uses the mail program on the server.

[SIZE=1]i love the price! i am looking for a server, you guys got everything i need…[/SIZE]

WOW thats amazing… how did ya do all that?

Practice makes perfect even though I am a long way from perfect. Just takes time:)