Php & mysql _-_ Looking for a Job application Form...automatic stored in a mysql DB


First i would like to say hello. I´m from Germany, my English is pretty weak, Sorry for that :wink:

I´m looking for some experienced php/mysql programmer, who can code me an Online Job application Form, which will be automatic stored in a mysql db.
what i exact need is:
A UI (user Interface) where i can post/edit/delete job offers (which should be stored in XML Files)
An Online application Form with several textfields, radiobuttons, Dropdown etc… AND the abbility to include and upload up to 4 Pictures and one or two documents (Word,PDF etc…)
one important thing, the php script should automatic generate Thumbnails of the uploaded Pictures, which will be important, for a later preview of the entrys in the Frontend.
The “Formhandles” should be stored outside the DB…waiting for my OK, to add/edit/delete before finaly written into the DB.
An easy Frontend, for viewing, searching, editing, deleting the entrys in the DB.
There had to be a generated preview (Name, forename, City etc…)of the entrys/search results with the automatic generated Thumbnail, the whole details should be shown, after a klick.
It would be fine, if i could pick one or more entrys and send them emails with job offers. (this script will be for “FairTrade / Exposition” personell)
For security reasons, the main DB will be stored in my office server (apache and mysql is installed and configuired) So the Online entrys had to be transferred / added into the “offline” DB once a week.
If thats easier, the filled application form could automatic send via email to me, but i need a easy (maybe one klick solution) way to add the Data into my serversDB in my office.
Ok, thats what i need, if there are any questionsm feel free to contact me in this threat, by PM or email.
Also, if someone knows a ready solution, based on PHP and mysql…any hint would be really helpful.

I can pay via paypal or wiretrans.

Thanks, Mike