Php/mysql help needed for site contest

I do work for a site on a regular basis, and we want to offer a contest for a free trip to Las Vegas. The contest will be a weekly section in the site where users can make picks for all the NFL games each Sunday. I need a a form with checkboxes that will submit the users picks to the mysql database. Then after the games each week, i need a script that will say who won and if the user has a match then give them 1 point for every winner. Person with most points at the end of the year gets the trip. It’s pretty cut and dry, and I can explain in more detail.
Just email me at if interested or on aim (

This is also needed no later than this coming Friday the 11th.
I’m alotting $200-$250 as the budget for this. Depending on the quickness of completion.

Hopefully I get some takers…Let me know.
Thanks, :beer: