PHP question

I just picked up a book to PHP but i have a question on an up comming project that i am about to do. I want to make a guest book, but i want to make the interface in flash, one of my friends did it but wont tell anybody how he did it at all, like nothing, code, whatever. Can somebody tell me how i can make it so that i can make an interface in flash then have the PHP backing it. Do i need to have the PHP writen in Flash or do i link it exteraly, a detailed reply would be VERY helpful.

I am trying to fix mine up right now. I used

Flash loadVariable(); method to call to a php script.

the php script in turn sends data to a mysql database

another php is set to grab everything from the guestbook, and in turn send that info back to Flash.

That is one way to go about it, but alas. mine isn’t working correctly yet. If I have any success, I will be posting the code as open source on my site.

PS - if you do a google search, you should be able to find a number of open source guestbooks.

Okay, in the mean time i gotta learn PHP, i’m learning pretty fast (or so i think so) though. Thanks a ton.

P.S. How did you get your site so well known?=/

my site isn’t well known.

unless you’re talking about I guess that he got that site well known by working endlessly to produce a good page, coupled with somehow meeting a number of us devoted teachers.

If you’re talking about my site… I’ve got no clue why. I don’t have anything up. Just a single page with a link to here and an inactive link to the guestbook. Today, I’m taking that down. will be a simple logo and that is all. I have subdomains that will be the real sites.

as for PHP do not sweat it. It sounds like you’re loaded up already, and I know it’s overpowering… keep in mind that most languages of a common base are so similar that by learning one, you’re learning the basics of another. With HTML and XML and DHTML you’re basicaly looking at the same thing just with a different accent… different predefined functions. Same thing with javascript, actionscript and to a degree things like php and asp.

There are some major differences… but most of us just know enough to be able to figure out which fifty lines of code to steal from somewhere else (technicaly it’s not stealing if you give credit to the source… it’s open source after all.)

We have had some conversations on this subject already here in the forum. I’d suggest doing a search on PHP and Forms and things like that. I seem to remember something about a php to txt guestbook. Which is nice if you don’t have a mysql database… plus it’s easier to set up for different people that way. Downside is, it’s a little slower than a php to mysql and quite a bit slower than an xml to php to Flash.

David, i think your site is more well known than mine! lol yours has 1thousand something, mine is 500 at the most right now. Thats for the advice about the laungeges.