Pi-Air Teaser

Wazzzzzup peepz,

I’ve just uploaded my teaser …
Hope you like it, it should bring back some great memories !!!
(Turn on your speakers)


Bye bye

Check it out at :


great design !
good use of pink, not so easy to control ! :slight_smile:

i like the site

Well thanks everyone!
I’m working on the new site right now, you’re looking at the old one (from 1,5 years ago) … :slight_smile:

Glad you like my teaser …

hey man!! really cool site!!! pls what font did u used??? it’s a nice one…like the beats and the whole site! Bravo’s! :beer:

yeah, I like the font too!
and what a great flahback I got when I heard the music. whoaaa! I felt like ten again :slight_smile:

awesome :thumb: