Look at this site please

Look at this site that i made for a company named Paradise Limousines. i want to see what people think of it. You tell me any comments or sugestions. Anything that can help is greatly appreciated.

Here : http://www.paradiselimos.net

Avoid Times New Roman like the plauge. In my opinion in makes everyhting look like an amateur personal homepage. Also, i’d look around for some more ‘fitting’ music, especially for the intro. Apart from that, i like the site. Nice, clean, simple, smooth.

Thanks FlashFish for the insite. I’ll see what i can do to make it more appealing.

i like it because

its smooth and clean, nice navagation and use of kirupas popup window, heh

i dont because

i dont like that font you used and everythings kinda big, not sure if that make sense or is really a reason, thats all i saw wrong with it