Pick holes in this please

But be nice as well obviously as is is not finished.

it needs ironing out yet.

Priory Hotel

Well that guestbook looks familiar :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway: I’d change the font used there so that it’s the same as in the other sections.

The rollover on the buttons is something I’d change. It’s a bit too basic IMO
Furthermore, the scrollbar doesn’t seem to work properly: it’s not really draggable.

I think the layout is good. The transitions are ok as well.

Keep it up.

Looks pretty good.


  1. Some wierd motion thingy is happening between the banner and the left menu. When you click on any link it gives you some weird type of pointy thing, and something shifts at the bottom of the left menu.

  2. The about the priority button, the shadow on the left, you should take it off cause it doesn’t really work well going outta the content section like that. I know it’s just the same graphic as the others but this time it doesn’t work w/ that shadow.

  3. Your copyright info is to close to the border of the site.

  4. The grey hover on the submenu doesn’t look good. Maybe do a darker brown tint and invert the text.

  5. Submenu text doesn’t look as smooth as the rest of the site.

  6. Guestbook looks too generic, try skining it.


  1. Strong layout, looks real nice IMO.

  2. Transistions are simple yet real effective for this site.

  3. Main nav, although I’m not sure how the paper is relevant to the rest of the site, this seems to work real well.

  4. Used 3 fonts (4 including the logo) and they all still look relatively good together (except for the logo font).

looks okay to me.

Other than the points bought up already…

I’m viewing it at work on a 1024x768 browser running maximised, and I can’t get the whole site on the page. There’s not much missing (your name, primarily) but it does mean I get a scrollbar.

everything looks good. i don’t care for the grey box rollover with the submenu though. i think a light tan would be ok, but just not grey. good job overall.

well thankyou people - i`ll have a look at your points