I'm stuck and need help please

This is a sit that i’m working on and i need some opinions about how it looks. It is 20% done and i don’t know how to continue it to fit with the rest. If you got any ideeas please reply. 10x in advance.

I like it! You are on the right track!

Keep it up!

looks good overall. i don’t like the baby blue rollover color for the menu. and i think the words drop down too far (maybe because they’re not vertically aligned in the middle of the white boxes to begin with). good start though.

i agree. although i like the baby blue. The rollovers do look a little odd. There is something about the overall layout that i like. Although, I would streatch that white box to spread across the whole of the ‘frame’. maybe fade into a blue behind the logo. Nice start. Only worry is there doesnt look like there is much room for this site to be special in any way. Everything loks very nice but very straightforward. maybe you’re not plannin for it to really stand out. Or aybe im wrong on that one though. Good luck!

yeh rollovers dont look right, cheesy effect for an otherwise clean site…

i like the feel for a technology group… corporate but slightly original

the font you use is not good. it looks pixelated. the logo is too blurred, it doesnt look intentional to me

but for 20% not much wrong…

ok, i will change the buttons but i finished the first page so check it out pls.

Awesome start. I suggest using a different color for where it says “Companie” in the main content area.

Seems like a good start, would be better if you had tranistions for us to see. Looks like it was inspired by Neubix. http://www.neubix.com/index.asp

Try replacing the font w/ a cleaner one… looks pixelated.

The background gradient seems a little quirky too… think not sure what to say… you have a real good start just put some transitions into it, and you’ll be fine.

the logo needs to be larger, rite now it just looks like text. it should be bigger, like fill up the remaining space of the header…

Looks pretty cool :slight_smile:


I agree about the logo, it needs a size increase. It would help the readability of it and it would help fill up the banner a little more. I don’t know how I feel about the people shapes either. It just doesn’t seem to fit right with the sleekness that the rest of the site has. Maybe they’re just a little too blurred or pixelated looking. The edge of the right one has that matted gif feel to it and looks odd on the striped background.

The rest of the site looks nice. The flash is quick and smooth, just the way I like it! The colors work nicely despite using the typical blue. Everyone seems to dislike the mouseovers, but they don’t bother me. I think they’re smooth and they look like mouseovers, lol! Keep going with this, it looks real good and should prove to be a sleek site!

i’v made some transitions too now. How it looks?

I like the transitions, flows w/ the site nicely. Aside from when you click on downloads and it disables all the other buttons, you’re definately heading in the right direction.

It is allmost done now but i feel something is missing. Can somebody tell me what?