Fading a Graphic In and Out

I am very new at flash. My question is probably very simple to answer.

I am trying to simply fade a graphic in and out using the motion tween. I have Flash 6. I’ve been using instructions on how to do this simple fade using Flash 5 directions. It says to highlight the graphic on the stage and go under Modify>Instance. There is no such thing as " Instance" under the modify menu anymore! Nor is there a color effect panel!

Can someone please give me the step by step directions for a Flash 6 user on how to fade a graphic in and out?

Thank you very much for any help. I am pulling my hair out over here trying to create this simple fade!! -S

go to Insert, Convert to Symbol, Movie Clip

The rest of the instructions should be pretty much like Flash 5.

You’re going to prace your graphic (movie clip) on frame 1
you’re going to right click somewhere else on that layer and insert a keyframe

you’re going to click on the keyframe you just inserted
click on the picture on the screen
go to the properties panel and select Alpha from the Color combobox (pull down menu).
Change the alpha setting dramatically
right click in between the two keyframes in your timeline
select create motion tween


To me you are a genius! Thank you so much for the instructions and putting me out of my misery! Your instructions made complete sense and were sooo simple. Thank you!!!