Pixel fonts in flash mx


does anyone know how to create crispy looking pixel fonts in flash mx…

i dit the whole pdf tutorial on www.miniml.com
but it still looks blurrie

I got the same outcome. Still blurry. Help Us, Please!

Hey leenx,
What size did you specify the fonts to be in? They have to be in multiples of 8 or something such as 8, 16, 24pt, etc. I am not sure if that might be your problem, but it doesn’t hurt to try :slight_smile:

Tried using 8 pt and multiples of and also making sure the text box was on a whole number for the x and y coordinates. Still didn’t work. Any other suggestions?

same here, tried everything

I posted this message on Flashkit a few minutes ago and thought it might be of benefit here, too.

I recently visited a site that claims to have a solution.


They’re (above) saying that their fonts are special because they are “pixel fonts” and are “specially designed so that every part of a character falls exactly on the monitors pixels” which prevents them from appearing blurry in Flash.

Anyone tested this? If you do, let us know if it improves your output. Thanks.