Planet of the apes? What the heck?

I was just watching Planet of the apes, and I have no idea what the hell happen at the end? Did the ape get back before he did? lol


Are you talking about the newer version of it?

Yeah with Marky Mark, How did the apes get here before he did? At the end where earth was all apes…

he whent to the wrong planet.

WHAT??? I didn’t think that was the ending! (and I saw this along time ago)

Yeah… that was the ending. He went back to earth and it was all apes. How was it the wrong planet? That is what I thought too?

I don’t think it was the wrong planet it was the wrong parallel universe. He ended up in one where that Militant Monkey beat him and the Humans didn’t revolt.

See what happens when you don’t treat your monkey right.

Jesus people, get your act together and stop abusing the monkeys!!!


Didn’t really make much sense at all, I thought. What are the odds that a bunch of formerly tree-dwelling super-apes are going to perfectly mimic human architecture/monuments?

Was a terrible ending for those of us who were true fans of the original.

I don’t think anyone liked that ending.

I liked the new one with the special effects and all, but the beach scene at the end of the original is a flawless ending, the special effects for the Statue for that era were awesome.
Here you go…

Is that the actual movie cover?!

Thats terrible that they would give away the ending like that on the front of the cover for gods sake.

I was like 15 when I saw it for the first time. (My dad actually made me and I wanted nothing to do with it) I was floored by the movie and the ending.

Bad way to design a movie cover. I had an all-monkey marathon a few years ago when I was home with the flu and borrowed my friend’s Planet of the Apes collection.
Got to watch all five of em in a one day binge.

I can only take about a half hour dosages of men dressed in monkey suits at a time. The ending was quite something. Good point about the movie cover. Would make a killer desktop if I could grab a clear high resolution shot of just the man, beach and liberty…

I saw the original a long time ago but as I remember it the guy wasn’t in a parrallel universe or on another planet he was on Earth. The ending was the realisation that he’d been away a loooooong time and the human race had wiped itself out and over time ape’s had evolved to become the dominant species, hence the closing lines of ‘My god!! what have you done?! what have you done?!’ (or whatever it is he says as he says) is him shouting at the no longer existant human race. Great ending.

I think it was more along the lines of “You blew it up! **** YOU!! **** YOU ALL TO HELL!!!”

And who can forget-“Get your paws off me you **** dirty ape!”

The original idea was that over time, man started taking more monkeys, apes and chimps as house pets. They became more and more domesticated and started speaking. Their intelligence also evolved, and with their obvious strength advantage, once they could speak and were as intelligent as humans, they simply took over as the dominant species on earth…hence, why they speak English, and not some new Ape language.