Platformer game

Hey everyone,

I’m on to working on a new game and it involves platforming elements. Basically going to be similar to that of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES- if you haven’t heard of it just leave now please).

Anyways- I’m creating the world dynamically because the player will be travelling to multiple different worlds and exploring each of them so I created a class that randomly distributes the walls in the map everywhere.

My major issue is how to create the illusion of walking around and having screens change once you reach the edge. I don’t want to have to reload everytime the player moves to a new screen, but I want to keep it as dynamic as possible so the player never sees the same map twice (this is to be used in an online MMO and players could potentially go on thousands of quests so diversity is key).

Any insight, links, suggestions, or comments appreciated- thanks in advance!