Need help with concept design

Alright, well my game is very very early in the making but I think I have a good idea of where it is going. (I dont want to give too many details out but I’ll give enough info to solve my problem. So, I want to make a world kind of like Motherloads, where you can fly around and its all free flowing, not like go to the top and it jumps u to the bottom of the next frame. So i have two options.

First (the one I am trying uneffectively) is this:
One huge stage where the flying man is very small but it there will be a camera that is zoomed in on him and keeps him in the center of the screen. Only issue is, I dont know how to do that in AS 3.0. Think of it kind of like a very wide vertical platform game maybe.

Second(the one i dont want)
Just make it so it jumps to frames on sides of the screen.

Any ideas of how to make a good working world that can be able to hold lots and lots of room?