Playing .flv from a cd

I’m making a cd and want to attach .flv files to mediaplay components. The problem is that this connection is normally made through Url’s on html pages. How do I show the mediaplayer where to look for on on a cd, taking into account that peoples cd drives have different extensions and I want to make it for cross platforms? E.g. Windows and Macs.

Any help would be great cus i’m stumped.


Anyone? I’m sure there must be some answer. All I want to do is play movies through the mediaplayer in flash on a cd. I just have a problem with directories. Is there an actionscript solutions to linking the flv’s?

Been a complete donut. Sorted the probelm with the url. You don’t have to give the complete path if the file is in the same directory, just the file name. Can’t believe that held me up so long…

or you couldve just used the attach movie method :wink: