Please.. EVERYONE read and reply

So here I am, again on a slow machine, and I can’t access most of the posts in the main question forums. My computer’s browser locks up in an attempt to download all the various sigs from everyone. Probebly there are only a couple of troublesome sigs, and it probebly has everything to do with the server where they are being downloaded from.
I know that this is not some problem with my machine, as it only happens on this board and I visit 6 or so Ezboards regularly, another 10 on an not so regular basis.

So my question is this: Would anyone be adverse to having their signatures illiminated from the various question and answer forums only, like the Flash 5, Flash 4, and Actionscript forums?

The pro is speed of loading the pages. Everyone would benefit in that the posts which we go into all the time would load faster.
The con is that we would not get to advertise our various sites all over the place, but instead only in a limited section of the forums.

So there you have it… ultimately I’ll deal with what ever everyone else wants as usual. I’m just trying to make it easier on myself, and everyone else in the process. But, if people simply don’t mind/ don’t need, their sigs all over the place… it would be a boon to some of us.

If we take a vote here, I’ll submit that to Kirupa for perusal.

Thank you for your time.

Hey upuaut8,
I agree with you, but that would really be an unpopular decision with many of the people. Instead, I have another solution: enforcing the 30k footer rule.

The boards rarely froze up before, but they seem to do it more now. People using extremely large SWFs for their footers are the prime culprits. The large SWFs take up a lot of system resources and download time. Of all the footer sizes I checked, thoriphes’ footer has the smallest file size: 5.79k

On the other hand…Dan’s footer weighs in at a whopping 215k!! There are several others who have footers in the 45-60k file sizes. When there are several replies with people with huge footer sizes, that post slows to a crawl. We all should understand that everyone does not have broadband nor the latest PC. I try to keep all my footer animations at 10k or less.

Flashkit and numerous other sites had this problem as well. They have a 15k file size limit because of the massive numbers of posts they have per page. I strongly urge everyone to follow by the 30k rule. If you are able to get your footers below 30k, more power to you!

I don’t like that idea at all but it will help now that I just found out my footer has been 215K for the last few weeks and I will fix it so that its under 30K and I think that could have been why some pages lagged really bad! But I think its a very bad idea to illiminate all footers just limit file size! It makes people unique to see their footer it tell something about them in a Flash kinda way!

i have no problem with reducing the size, i know mines hanging around 30 to 48 for most of them, ill try to cut it below 20 atleast if nothing else it pushes me to find new ways to do things, which is always good to do

Hey… that’s why I asked… rather than made a huff about it. I have no problem with democracy… or even totalitarianism on Kirupa’s part, IF that’s the way he wanted to go… it’s his board.
I just wanted to let people know that it was impossible… literaly impossible to surf these pages through a 56k pipeline, with a regular pc.

You’re right that it has to be file size… I was thinking perhaps that it might have to do with pipeline through to the server holding the swf’s… I know I use a cheap service, but usually they are up and deliver fine. Some services are not as good about that. But I hadn’t thought that anyone would have anything above 30k in their sigs… so that possibility had not occured to me.
Enforcing a 30k rule is fine by me… personaly, I’d make it 15, just to force people to figure out ways of making it smaller. (evil aren’t I) and still have it be cool.

Well I’m glad we could figure this out and come up with a solution… it helps a lot, as I have lots of free time at work and like to help out while I’m there.

I’m all for removing signatures from the board, even though I know my vote doesn’t count for much seeing as I am kind of new to these boards.

The one thing I learned from all the flash I’ve done is that plain ol’ HTML is still the best way to go when assembling a site with any decent amount of information on it. Sure, one can build a flash site, and everyone will visit it once and look at it and go “OOOOOH…how did he do that?”, but the problem is they do not come back much afterwards…because the content doesn’t change very often.

The point I’m trying to make is simple function rules all, and the way I see it applying to the footer discussion on this board is that people with slower computers are having trouble viewing pages because of all the flash embedded…therefore, you take them out. Load times and consistency will increase dramatically, and all the discussion and text of people’s thoughts will still be there…

After all, does anyone really come here just to show off their ‘new Flash footer’?



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