Message about sigs

In addition to the rules posted by Kirupa on the subject, I’d like to add that some of the sigs are really a bear on processor speed. You can have a 5k movie that will crash a P1, I assure you.

Right now, the only one I noticed was tdfWrestling’s sig, with the spheres bubbling up on mouse over. Great effect. I love it, top notch, but it does not belong in a sig. Every instance of that in a thread causes more and more slowdown, until it takes on average 50 seconds or so for my screen to register what I’m typing.

I am demanding nothing, just asking for an apeal towards your sense of what’s important to the board as a whole. 8086 machines… we really don’t have to catter to, but I’d appreciate it if we could catter in part to our lower processor buddies out there. P1’s are still very common.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

You know…I would argue that sigs should technicaly be left out of the Flash 4.0, Flash 5.0 and Flash Action Script forum. The sigs detract from the help that’s being given and make the posts far longer than they have to be. Add to that, increases in load time, decreased processor expendature.
And lastly, sigs are really just advertisements, and how many times do we need to see the same advertisement in the same place??

I’d like to know people’s opinions on this before I petition anything though.

Do you think that it would harm the board. Do you think people would be upset and leave. Do you think it would be helpful. Do you think that I’m just being a whinny bastard?
:wink: let me know. I’m really interested, and wouldn’t think to do anything that would be displeasing in any way.

Just remember when you’re thinking on this, I believe our purpose here is to teach and learn Flash, first and formost.

How can you leave them out on certain forums and use them on others without having tochange your prefs all the time?

You can uncheck the Include custom signature box when posting messages. It is an option in the checkbox format that you can use or not use when posting.

I don’t think it is feasible for a Flash related message board to not have footers. The problem is not in the file size, etc. The problem is in many footers being hosted on unreliable servers. If the servers the footers are hosted on work well, Internet Explorer does not need have to freeze the comp trying to connect the server.

hehe, personally, i prefer posting sigs of flash instead of nude pics of myself.

:slight_smile: … point taken… though I have no problem changing my sig to suit an audience…and I was kind enough to censor myself… even before I knew it was against the rules to post nakedness on Ezboards.

Truthfuly though Kirupa… it’s not the server that’s doing it. It’s having 4 or 5 posts on a page, all with 10 movie clips being duplicated and randomly moved around. It’s processor speed, I assure you. Sometimes it is the server that the item is on… I’ve seen that too… but in most of the cases lately it’s because people are using all that a/s random move stuff… it’s simply too much for a P1 to bear through.

i uncheck custom sig every time cuz i got taht pic of the mech robot still and i ahvent taken it off =]

yeah… but I’ll admit that that’s a pain in the butt… you know. Sometimes I remember, but rarely. :wink:

lol mehoo. I remember that picture :slight_smile: upuaut, your Crimson Matrix footer was really cool!


you know, to make everyone happy, you should make this rule: you can only have your signature per topic so that if you post multiple times, it will only display the first time you posted. sound good?

yes! (now that i know how :wink: )

That’s a good idea thoriphes. That’s what I’ll do from now one. I can’t force others to do the same, but I would HIGHLY recommend that everyone else would do the same thing; I’ll remake the guidelines once I get out of school for the holidays in a few days.


<No signature lol>

fair enough… I’ll try to curb myself as well. I rarely remember to uncheck that.

Thanks for the imput and consideration into my problems :slight_smile:

no problem =)