Please give a comment for my final projects

This is my first thread n my first post.I choose this forum becoz nobody know about me in this forum.Please forgive me if i make some mistake.

Software :

  • Micromedia Flash MX
  • Sound Forge 6.0
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Please give ur comment n marks from 0 - 10




*[size=1][color=red]Click on the image to relarge[/color][/size]

This is my final project for my college.I just got 2.3/4.0.(so dissapointed)
actually the marks is refer to my project n documentation(final report)
please give ur comments for my werks,here a print screen to show…

[color=red]**RED **[/color]= actually i use a font same like at start title(MysteriousZone)
[color=blue]**BLUE **[/color]= Here got a SubMenu Name use a font like start title,use a shadow color(MysteriousZone)
[size=1]*I make a projector at a difference PC,so i forgot to copy the fonts,sorry.[/size]

[size=1]P/S : Actually at my country use a different language,so if u got any problem to understand my words,please tell me ok?so,i can improve my English also.Thanx for ur cooperation.[/size]