Please give this a quick look

Hey all… this is an incomplete version of a site I’m working on, it is about 80% done… please look at it and let me know what you think. It is supposed to be easy to use, nothing too flashy, but definitly better than their origonal (… anyway, its playful - check it out for me



nice!! =)

still… I’d suggest you to change the font.
I think it should be more funny or something not so serious.

además… si dice que hablan en español…
por qué no hay una versión traducida al español?? :sleep:

Which system font (something that would be on just about ANY computer) would you suggest? If it was all in flash it would be easy… but keeping the html font “fun” is definitly hard (the forms done in flash have a fun one). If you have a suggestion, please post, I’d like to know!

I dont know if there will be a Spanish version of the site, I’d do it if the client will pay! : )

Thanks for the suggestions, and input!!


well… that’s a good point.
as I’m not used to design html I didn’t think about it.

guess I’d use comic sans or verdana.

we jammin, i want to jam it with you, we jammin, and i hope you like jammin too.

oh yeee… like like jamming song too! It’s cool!
…the site:
I like the buttons… they’re like so cool! They remind a game menu of some kind…

cute! arial, tahoma, and verdana are some pretty common system fonts. i think if you have a arial font set at one point it will look good. verdana is what you’re looking at now for the board’s font. in any case, if a person so happens to not have a particular font, it will default to times new roman anyway :smirk:

Nice site man…

Did youhave to purchase a liscence for the jamin song?

If not you might run into some royalty issues.