Please help! Button problem

I have a problem with my site and after scanning through the forum I have found no-one with the same situation. I have a problem with a button on my site:

The problem occurs on the 4th button down in the navigation on the left which loads the contact page swf file into an empty movie clip. If by accident the user double clicks on the button it causes the movie to play again from the start. This does not seem to happen on any of the other buttons and the only difference between them is that this swf file does not have a preloader like the rest. The code on the button is as follows:

on (release) {

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You have a problem here. From what I can see when I double click on any of the buttons the preloader loads for each button pressed and then the pertinent information for that link loads up. You may want to put the preloader at the beginning of the animation instead of each button.