Please Help! creating SWF Playlist

All i want to do is creating a SWF-Playlist in a main movie. This main movie should controll the different SWF files which i want to play one after the other.
I tried it with the loadmovie command but i don’t know how to work it out, that when movie1 is loaded and played that movie2 starts and plays and so on.
Can somebody please give me some tips how to work this out!
Thanx a lot in advance!!!

i’m sure there is some really cool way to do it in actionscripting but what i would have to do is find out the length of each song and then set the movie with that many frames so upon completion it would go to the next song. easy enough but if you have 1,000 songs or something you may want to go the actionscript route :slight_smile:

i would imagine there is a getTime variable somewhere that would allow you to get the length of the movie and apply that to your variable that tells flash when to play the next movie.

Don’t forget to UnLoad your movie when it is done playing otherwise it will loop (unless you have a stop) and then you will have 2 songs playing at once :slight_smile:

hope this helps