Please help me out with this Photoshop noobie list of questions

I will list different things that I have no clue how to due and hopefully u guys might be able to help me out…

  1. How do you curve lines?
  2. How do you curve the corners of squares?
  3. HOw to you make the edges of a circles (or any shape) look to be fading away. (no rigid border, just a transition).
  4. How do you make a line fade out or add a gradient effect to it?

Thank you very much if you are able to answer even one of these very simple questions.


have you searched for any of these topics?

it sounds like you need to do a few tutorials…

do some research for yourself first, then while you are doing a project, and have a problem, then ask for help (not at the beginning, and without doing any work for yourself)…


  1. Use the pen tool to make nice curved lines… you can set anchors then right click the curve you made and hit “Stroke” and it will draw it in, then you can right click and “Delete Anchors”

  2. <— thats a good tut for rounding objects

  3. Select the object and then use what is called a “Feather”… Select/feather (or alt+ctrl+d) and set an amount… best thing is to just experiment w/ that

  4. Easiest would be to make the line turn the “Fill” all the way down and then use layer styles to apply a “Gradient Overlay” to suit your situation.

Hope this helps!

there is a sticky in the D&D forum for lots of PS tutorials…

teach them to do their own research, then they have a better understanding of the results. They also will impart their own style, and may even create a better way to do the process… If you simply regurgitate the answers, they will never learn anything beyond your style, or methods…


goh man… i am trying to be patient w/ you… he asked for help and i gave it to him… i was fine, but you are really starting to make me mad…

I am just stating my views. I am not “picking on you”, but you happened to be there.

I apologize, I should have said that I know you are full of good intentions in your post… and my words were prob harsh sounding, but they were aimed more at mlkedave than you (he has a habit of just asking questions to see his post count go up, or just to lazy to look for himself, I haven’t decided)…

so take my above statement without any harm intended in your way whatsoever, just a heads up. You will see soon that certain questions will be asked hundreds of times, and clog up the forum when you are trying to find an answer yourself by searching.

This is a mod’s job…


thank you VERY much for being mature about this… I completely concur that the best way to learn is to get it yourself, but I also know ive been in his possition and I like to be helpfull.

Peace bro :slight_smile:


I hold no grudges…

so have no worries.

my intentions are always to make this a better place for all…



Thank you very much Riddler, I dont know what Rev had against me, I really dont. I just wanted some quick answer and I thank you VERY much. Rev, u talk about me watching my post counts go up? It seems like that is you buddy, I mean what is the point of saying, "look at some tutorials, I mean common man, I just needed some quick help.


because you always ‘just need a quick answer’ …

and you always think I am picking on you… I am not. You just don’t seem to get the point.

have you gone thru the tutorials listed in the D&D forum? Have you even tried to search the forum for your answers?

you go around asking people for their fla.'s during a site check…

do your own research. it will do you a load of good.

this is not personal, so don’t make it so. the world does not revolve around you, everything that is done around you is not necessarily directed at you personally.

take a big step: work for yourself before you ask questions.


Is there a way to hide certain user’s posts? Just curious, nothing personal.

Did this all start because I made some comment about your site? I really want to know. I mean I try to be nice and always express how thankful I am, I dont get how my question involve you at all, I mean if you don’t like them dont answer them.

you just don’t get it, do you?

this isn’t personal.

I’m trying to show you how to become a positive member of this forum, and how to improve your skills, and all you can do is personalize it…

I have nothing against you, other than you are extremely stubborn, and refuse to use the search tool…

Do you really think you are the first person to think of these questions? By posting these redundant threads, you clog up the forum when someone actually does use the search function…

LEARN… it really does make life easier when you take the time to listen.